Anzen Pharmaceuticals

The Anzen Story

How We Changed Pain Relief

Our brand and our story go back to 2014 in Abilene, Texas. We wondered if retail pain medications could be safer. Protecting at-risk groups, especially young children, from pain reliever overdose became a life-long mission. After years of study, a new way to relieve pain was developed. The Anzen Pharmaceuticals brand was built on this dedication to discovery, convenience, and safety.

Our Products

Pain Relief With Less Risk

Anzen pain relief products are safer than competing pain relief medications. Many products contain over the counter pain relief ingredients. Headache medication, seasonal cold and flu products, allergy relief, sleep aids, and joint pain products are only a few. Some people may take more than one pain reliever at a time without realizing the risks. An overdose of pain relief drugs can occur unintentionally. Anzen pain relief products include specially designed ingredients to avoid the harmful effects of an accidental large dose.

  • Safety

    Anzen pain relief products protect you and your family by reducing the harmful effects of accidental overdose.

  • Versatility

    Pain relief products of all kinds, from headache medication to seasonal cold and flu relief, can easily include the safer technologies of Anzen.

  • Technology

    By working with doctors, pharmacists, engineers, and hospitals, Anzen has produced a market-leading pain relief product line.

  • Value

    The added safety of Anzen products comes at a very small increase in product cost.

Our Mission

Safer over the counter drugs for you and your family

A little girl playing on the floor of her home.

The overdose of pain reliever products claims many lives. Children are at high risk; pill bottles can appear like candy, and some children see adults taking pills on a regular basis. Children who access adult medications often ingest large amounts before an adult intervenes. Anzen pain relief products lower the risk of long-term health effects, and add precious time for intervention, in cases where children access adult medications.

A pharmacist discussing medication with an elderly woman.

Many adults overdose on pain relief medications by mistake. Over the counter drugs are seen by many as perfectly safe. Adults will take excessive doses hoping for faster, more effective relief. Some people will overdose at night to take advantage of the resulting drowsiness. Others might overdose on pain relief medication without even knowing by using multiple retail products in one day. Regardless of the cause, Anzen pain relief formulations protect adults during accidental misuse by reducing the harmful long-term effects of infrequest overdose.

A man looks sad and depressed, his wife is at his side looking empathetic

Sadly, some pain relief medications are abused. Intentional overdose of a pain reliever is still common in society. But steps can be taken to prevent lasting consequences to an intentional overdose. Anzen products were designed specifically to mitigate the effects of both accidental and intentional overdose of pain relievers. By improving the drug chemistry, Anzen can raising the pain reliever LD50 dose and add valuable time for intervention.